More Statins the Fewer deaths???


A Statistics Canada study found that 1 in 10 adults are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs (CLDs). Its new guidelines recommend it should be 1 in 4 and this would save 19,500 cardiovascular events annually in Canada.

Dr James Wright, an expert on the use of CLDs, has claimed for years that their use on low risk patients provided no overall benefit. Wright also argues that this study only considered the benefits of CLDs and none of the side effects. Researchers admit it was not part of the study.

But are people so ill that 25 % of the population needs CLDs? Particularly when studies show they cause Type 2 diabetes in 25 to 50 % of cases. And we know that 50 % of diabetes patients die of heart attack.

This has never made sense to me when Medi-C Plus, a high concentration of vitamin C and lysine is more effective, safe and less expensive. See the Before and After photos on my website This natural remedy is as close as your health food store.

But remember I am not your doctor.

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