Support Local, it’s better.


Health and Food Matters believes supporting local business is important to help our communities thrive and stay healthy. Today the HFM team visited My Plum My Duck in Charlottetown and man was it is good! I had the pasta salad (pictured above) and it was both nutritious and delicious, as was the potato and brussel sprout salad and the veggie pita wrap. At My Plum My Duck they promote using locally grown ingredients and serve mainly whole food plant based meals. What makes them special is their philosophy that food should not only taste amazing, it should also be locally sourced and contain ingredients proven to enhance our health. Many people who switch from a standard diet to a whole food plant based way of eating find it very difficult to find restaurants that offer choices for them and their new and improved way of living. Having a place like My Plum My Duck in town is such a treat and judging by the crowd at lunch today, we’re not the only ones who think so.

– HFM Team

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