Creamy Caulifredo Fettuccine


Now this is a tasty dish! The great thing about switching your eating patterns to a healthier whole food plant based focus is that you can explore many new and nutritious meal ideas. Not only do you get to try delicious new flavours from foods you’ve never eaten before, you also boost your health at the same time. Say goodbye to feeling heavy and sleepy after dinner, and say hello to increased energy and vitality. Once you try it, you won’t go back.


Your HFM Team

6 cups water

1 head cauliflower florets

1 cup plant milk

1 garlic clove

pinch of salt to taste

pinch of pepper to taste

1 pound pasta, cooked

Parsley, chopped, to serve

1. Boil the water over medium-high heat.

2. Add a large pinch of salt to the water and the cauliflower florets.

3. Cover the pot and boil for 5 to 7 minutes, or until cauliflower is soft.

4. With a slotted spoon, add the cooked cauliflower to a blender.

5. Add the plant milk, garlic, salt, and pepper and blend until smooth.

6. Top the pasta with cauliflower Alfredo and parsley.

7. Enjoy!


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