Supplements vs Whole Foods

What is our obsession with reducing whole foods down to their individual nutrients and making powders and pills? If the whole food has something within it that is so special, why not eat the actual food? Believe me there’s more goodness to be found (actually much more). But, for reasons of profit and propaganda we are fooled into believing one special supplement is going to miraculously change our health and heal all of our ailments, and that as long as we take it, we can continue to eat whatever we wish. Now that’s ridiculous! Remember folks, we don’t eat nutrients, we eat food. Whole food has a perfect synergy of nutrients all together in a wonderfully healthy package. A package that has been designed for the specific reason to nourish us with energy for life. Not only that, eating whole plant foods has been proven to prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes, and halt some forms of cancer. It’s that powerful! We are so lucky to live on an island that is rich in organic farming and produces beautiful whole food varieties of fruits and vegetables. Just check out our local Farmer’s Market and see for yourself. I’m gonna stick with my weekly veggie basket and advise anyone who is getting tricked into using supplements to do the same. It’ll save you money and potentially your health.



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