Eye and Vision Benefits

Lutein and Zeaxanthin: By Gary Heitin, OD Good nutrition is important to keep your eyes healthy and functioning their best throughout your lifetime. Two very important eye nutrients that may reduce your risk for macular degeneration andcataracts have names you may not be familiar with: lutein (LOO-teen) and zeaxanthin (zee-ah-ZAN-thin). Lutein and zeaxanthin are two types … Continue reading Eye and Vision Benefits

Lymph System

Lymph Lymph is a fluid derived from blood plasma. It is pushed out through the capillary wall by pressure exerted by the heart or by osmotic pressure at the cellular level. Lymph contains nutrients, oxygen, and hormones, as well as toxins and cellular waste products generated by the cells. As the interstitial fluid accumulates, it … Continue reading Lymph System

Meat and Soda Industry are not Happy

Meat and soda industries Lobbyists for the US meat and soda industries are rallying the troops after a government committee on healthy eating has recommended that Americans consume less red meat and sugary drinks, and more fruit and vegetables. The 571-page report published by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) was dismissed as "flawed" and … Continue reading Meat and Soda Industry are not Happy

The Dairy and Meat Industry again and again.

RON KRAUSS Tofu.  It was just a mixed diet all together.  In that setting, with carbohydrate intake kept moderately low, saturated  fat did not raise Apo-B.  It didn’t raise the number of LDL particles.  It didn’t increase inflammatory markers either.  It didn’t raise any of the really meaningful basis of heart disease risk. So that … Continue reading The Dairy and Meat Industry again and again.

The Secret’s Out: The Reason Red Meat is So Bad for Our Health

  Heather McClees January 2, 2015 ONEGREENPLANETBUZZ MONSTER We’ve known red meat isn’t the healthiest choice for a long time now. It’s a leading cause in heart disease, inflammation, cancer, and even digestive problems. While its highly touted by meat-lovers as being a good source of iron, (though we know there are better sources), the … Continue reading The Secret’s Out: The Reason Red Meat is So Bad for Our Health